Intel exits connected TV to focus on STBs, smartphones and laptops

According to Bloomberg, Intel is abandoning plans to supply its processors to manufacturers of connected TVs, although it plans to maintain its presence in the TV set-top box market.

Bloomberg quoted an Intel spokesperson who described it as “a business decision where we’re taking those resources and applying them to corporate priorities.” Engineers in its Digital Home Group will now re-focus on tablets, smartphones and a new type of laptop Intel has dubbed the ‘Ultrabook’.

Intel’s ambitions for the connected TV market first emerged in 2007 in the shape of its ‘Canmore’ chip, later known as the CE 3100 media processor. The first iteration was demonstrated at an Intel Developers Forum in summer 2008, before becoming the enabling platform for the Yahoo Widget connected TV demos at CES 2009.

Its successor, the CE 4100, part of Intel’s low-powered Atom series, has scored some notable successes in the set-top box market – with Comcast in the US and Liberty Global in Europe, as well as with Google’s Google TV. However, the Atom series has failed to make any significant impact on manufacturers of connected TV sets.


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