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Report: 2.65m US pay-TV subs ‘cut the cord’ in 2008-2011

Some new evidence from the US claiming that ‘cord-cutting’ may be a real phenomenon after all.

Today’s Morning Bridge cites research from Convergence Consulting Group saying that “2.65M Americans between 2008-2011 canceled their pay-TV subscriptions in favor of those offered from internet streaming services.” Convergence predicts that by the end of this year, “as many as 3.58M consumers will cut their cord.”

The Bridge adds that in a separate report, Leichtman Research has found that the top 14 US MVPD operators added 175K fewer subs in 2011 than in 2010.

Claims about the impact of cord-cutting have frequently been disputed because it is difficult to gauge what proportion of customers are churning out of pay-TV simply because they’re cutting back on their entertainment expenditure during the recession, or for other reasons unrelated to the availability of OTT services such as Hulu and Netflix.

Update: Leichtman Research has pointed out to Connected TV that it was Convergence Consulting Group and not themselves which was responsible both for the 3.58M cord-cutter prediction, and the conclusion that OTT was the culprit. This was not made clear in the Morning Bridge article, and the above post has been amended accordingly.

Apple, Hulu and the rush for content

According to unconfirmed press reports, Apple is considering the acquisition of Hulu.
Hulu’s owners have also held discussions with Yahoo!, Google and Amazon, while Microsoft has stated that it is not interested in the company.
In June 2011, the US-based OTT service, which has significant content deals with NBC Universal, Fox and ABC, had 26.7m unique viewers.
Should Apple acquire Hulu, the main question would be whether Hulu would continue to invest to reach multiple third party devices or would shift the focus to concentrate on iTunes and Apple devices.
For more on the implications of this, see a detailed analysis by farncombe here.